Who we are

Elevator Startups is a business and product development incubator, training and consultation unit within the digital agency group ADM. At Elevator Startups, we're not just startup mentors—we're co-pilots in the exhilarating journey of growth.

Founded in 2015, Elevator Startups is an accelerator agency that can provide innovation consulting, startup and business mentoring, innovation training, team coaching, investor readiness or interim management for innovation and angel investment. The level of support we provide is tailored to our partners' needs and determined in collaboration with them. Our services are suitable for startups of all sizes and stages, corporate innovation units, corporate new product/service spin-offs and catering to those looking to accelerate their growth.


Jaak Ennuste

Jaak Ennuste is an experienced business angel and tech entrepreneur, known for aiding early-stage companies. He studied IT at Tallinn University of Technology and further developed his business skills at London Business School. Jaak has key roles in various organizations, including the European Business Angel Network and Estonian Business Angels Network. He's currently a Senior Managing Partner at Elevator Startups, focusing on investment strategies, and holds strategic positions in Mediabrands Digital and ADM Interactive. His past experience includes digital advertising with Ekspress Grupp and mentoring at Tallinn Technology Park Tehnopol.

Karolina Kreinin

Karolina Kreinin is the head of operations, known for her innovative and startup-focused approach in Estonia. She's recognized for her creative problem-solving abilities and maintains an optimistic outlook that motivates her team.

At the European Innovation Academy (EIA), as Head of Programs, Karolina significantly enhanced its status in tech entrepreneurship education. She collaborated with major institutions like Stanford University, U.C. Berkeley, and Google, managing a large group of mentors and speakers, and developing educational programs in entrepreneurship. Karolina also demonstrated her project management skills at the SEB Estonia Growth Program, where she guided and mentored entrepreneurs.

Marili Ruus

Marili Ruus, head of growth acceleration and key mentor, is skilled in team leadership and innovation process management. Her experience covers technology, customer acquisition, and organizational productivity. Marili has been a Team Leadership mentor at Sunergos and a Productivity Mentor at ADM Interactive, known for boosting team efficiency. She co-founded and managed ADM UNIT X, focusing on strategy and customer experience.

In the startup sector, Marili worked at Elevator Startups as a Program Manager and Startup Mentor, leading a 6-month program to develop tech ideas. She holds a Master's degree in e-Governance Technologies and Services from Tallinn University of Technology. Overall, Marili combines leadership, innovation, and growth, contributing significantly to Estonia's tech and startup scene.

Anni Sinijärv

Anni Sinijärv is a seasoned professional in education and startup development, with over 10 years of experience. As a co-founder and former CEO of the European Innovation Academy, she expanded its global reach and forged partnerships with entities like UC Berkeley and Google. Anni led the academy's digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a master's degree from HEC Paris, her expertise includes product management, business development, and strategic partnerships, making her a pivotal figure in the education and startup ecosystem.

Helen Kokk

Helen Kokk is an accomplished graphic designer and UI/UX specialist with over 20 years in the design industry. A pioneer in Estonia's startup scene, she played a key role in emphasizing the importance of UI/UX design. Helen's career highlights include collaborating with Google to develop a UI/UX ecosystem in Uganda and mentoring startups worldwide. Her work has earned her numerous awards, marking her as a significant figure in the global design community.

Andres Laaspere

Andres Laaspere is an influential Growth Strategist and partner at ADM, renowned for his expertise in guiding major clients towards strategic growth. Under his astute management, notable clients such as Bosch and Siemens have experienced significant advancements. Andres's role at ADM involves crafting and executing innovative strategies that drive business growth, leveraging his deep understanding of market dynamics and client needs. His successful stewardship of high-profile accounts highlights his capability deliver impactful results.

Indrek Ott

Indrek Ott is a distinguished figure in the technology sector, currently serving as the interim CTO of Crespect and the founder of Datanor. His impressive career began at Telia. His leadership and expertise in managing Telia's system architecture have been pivotal in his career trajectory, showcasing his ability to drive technological innovation and strategy. As a founder of Datanor and a key figure in Crespect, Indrek continues to influence the tech industry with his visionary approach and extensive experience.

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