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About the program

Teams learn by facing real challenges and gain insights from top experts. They validate all aspects of the lean canvas business model and learn how to apply it in the future. The key principle is that a good idea must be validated by a paying customer before product development.Our program provides practical business development knowledge and hands-on experience to get your first customers. This program has been developed in collaboration with EAS, specifically designed to bolster the creative technology sector.

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This program has been developed in collaboration with EAS, specifically designed to bolster the creative technology sector. Creative tech combines art, digital product design, digital media, or software-based advertising and media. It's where technology meets creativity, with entrepreneurs using digital design and coding instead of traditional art tools. This sector includes innovative solutions and technologies used in advertising, marketing, media, entertainment, and creative industries.

Our approach

We believe in a balanced blend of sprinting for immediate results and marathoning for long-term vision. Our methodologies are designed to guide, support, and accelerate startups, ensuring they not only reach their destination but also enjoy the journey and learn from it.

Fail fast, learn faster
Our methodologies champion the idea of rapid experimentation. If a strategy isn't working, it's better to identify it early, learn from it, and adapt.
Build-measure-learn cycle
Rooted in lean thinking, this cycle ensures that startups remain grounded in reality. By building minimal prototypes, measuring their impact, and learning from the outcomes, we ensure optimal resource usage.
Customers first
The ultimate success metric for any startup is its customer base. Our methods are all aimed at understanding, catering to, and expanding this customer base.
Providing structure
Our methodologies not only offer direction but also provide a structured path for startups. This structure ensures that even amidst the chaos of the entrepreneurial journey, there's a clear roadmap to follow.


Learn from Jaak Ennuste, an experienced angel investor. This program is all about making you and your business ready to attract first investors. With our help, you'll learn how to improve your business plan, make a great pitch, and understand the financial details that investors care about. Our program gives you real-world know-how and special tips, making you confident to handle the tricky world of investment.

Marathons, not sprints

Elevator Startups' Marathon Approach combines sprints for immediate wins with a long-term vision for sustained growth. This method fosters discipline and focus, breaking the journey into iterative sprints that keep startups aligned with their overarching goals. Marathons last 2-3 months, depending on the team.

Customized marathon setup
We analyze your business potential and team capabilities, creating a tailored marathon strategy. This includes startup mindset training (lean and agile), tools, and techniques specific to your needs.
Marathon planning
We set measurable goals and milestones, outlining a clear strategy for initial sprints and integrating expert mentors. This roadmap is essential for maintaining focus and momentum.
Intermediate assessment stages
Regular evaluations are crucial. We include key stages for reassessment, allowing for necessary adjustments and strategy refinement.
Real-time customer testing
Our approach emphasizes practical experience. Every experiment is tested with real customers, ensuring alignment with market needs and gaining valuable feedback.
Adaptive content
We stay agile, continuously adjusting our content and strategies to meet the evolving needs of your startup.

Mentorship and support

Our program's key mentors guide participants through innovation and lean experimentation, helping them create a marathon plan and run it. They support role distribution, hypothesis validation, and provide resources and advice for achieving the first customer sale. Additionally, they choose supporting mentors with sector-specific expertise and offer a concluding summary with recommendations for independent continuation.

Anni Sinijärv
Marili Ruus
Jaak Ennuste

Supporting mentors

In our mentor pool we have 150+ experts. We collaborate with the industry's leading experts, ensuring that our partners and clients receive guidance from the very best in their field.

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Application process

We accept 2 teams every 2 months! To be in the first round, apply by 28.02!

Idea Potential: The scale of the problem, the size of the problem's sector. Idea validation is not a criterion for program entry.

Team Potential: members' skills and experience; readiness to commit.To be ready to join the  program, a team must consist of at least two founders.

To be ready to join the program, a team must consist of at least two founders.

Send us a short introduction video describing your team and the problem you’re solving and why you are applying.

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Teams with most potention will have a call with our Program Manager.

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