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About the program

A growth-hacking-based scaling program for tech startups, who have a working product and some clients, but eager to expand their business. The program offers cost-effective digital marketing strategies and execution to effectively grow user bases, sell digital products, and achieve rapid visibility in new or existing markets.

This program, supported by EAS, energizes the creative tech sector.

Our approach

Our program offers startups a suite of tools for growth hacking, including inbound lead generation automation, SEO, data analysis, lean marketing, A/B testing, creative marketing strategies and B2B sales. Tailored for varying team sizes, it facilitates parallel goal achievement through focused marathons, optimizing results without excessive costs.

Fail fast, learn faster
Our methodologies champion the idea of rapid experimentation. If a strategy isn't working, it's better to identify it early, learn from it, and adapt.
Build-measure-learn cycle
Rooted in lean thinking, this cycle ensures that startups remain grounded in reality. By building minimal prototypes, measuring their impact, and learning from the outcomes, we ensure optimal resource usage.
Customers first
The ultimate success metric for any startup is its customer base. Our methods are all aimed at understanding, catering to, and expanding this customer base.
Providing structure
Our methodologies not only offer direction but also provide a structured path for startups. This structure ensures that even amidst the chaos of the entrepreneurial journey, there's a clear roadmap to follow.

Why Marathons?

Elevator Startups' Marathon Approach combines sprints for immediate wins with a long-term vision for sustained growth. This method fosters discipline and focus, breaking the journey into iterative sprints that keep startups aligned with their overarching goals. Duration of the marathon is usually 6-9 months, depending on the team and goal.

Customized marathon setup
We analyze your business potential and team capabilities, creating a tailored marathon strategy. This includes startup mindset training (lean and agile), tools, and techniques specific to your needs.
Marathon planning
We set measurable goals and milestones, outlining a clear strategy for initial sprints and integrating expert mentors. This roadmap is essential for maintaining focus and momentum.
Intermediate assessment stages
Regular evaluations are crucial. We include key stages for reassessment, allowing for necessary adjustments and strategy refinement.
Real-time customer testing
Our approach emphasizes practical experience. Every experiment is tested with real customers, ensuring alignment with market needs and gaining valuable feedback.
Adaptive content
We stay agile, continuously adjusting our content and strategies to meet the evolving needs of your startup.

Mentorship and support

The key mentors in our program assist in creating a marathon plan, supporting the distribution of roles and responsibilities within teams, guiding hypothesis validation, sharing essential knowledge and resources, evaluating outsourced services, and giving recommendations to help teams achieve their set goals by the end of the marathon. Key mentors also select the best supporting mentors based on their sector-specific experience. At the marathon's conclusion, a summary and recommendations for independent continuation are provided.

Jaak Ennuste
Marili Ruus

Supporting mentors

In our mentor pool we have 150+ experts. We collaborate with the industry's leading experts, ensuring that our partners and clients receive guidance from the very best in their field.

Application process

We have 5 seats in this program: send your application now! To be part of the first teams to join, apply by 31.01

Selection Principles

Scaling Potential:

Team Potential: members' skills and experience; readiness to commit.

Validates Business Model

Application process:

Send us a short introduction video about your team and aim in our program.

Motivation letter up to A4-  Why your team should be selected.

Get feedback from our team. 

Most potential teams will have a call with Program Manager

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