Supported by EAS and Kredex

Feb 1, 2024

At Elevator Startups, we are deeply committed to fostering the growth of technology-based creative startups through comprehensive incubation and acceleration programs. We are proud to announce that our projects are supported by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and Kredex, which significantly amplifies our impact. This collaboration highlights our strong alignment with national objectives and enhances our ability to boost entrepreneurial success across various stages of startup development, thereby making a greater contribution to the ecosystem.

About Our Programs

Our two tailored programs are each designed to meet the needs of different target groups:

1. Incubation Program: Aimed at nurturing new ideas into viable startups, this program is built on lean startup principles. We guide teams through business model design, validation, and initial growth phases, ensuring a solid foundation for new ventures.

2. Acceleration Program: Focused on scaling existing enterprises to international markets, this program equips teams with practical skills needed to achieve their specific objectives. Based on direct feedback from teams previously mentored by Elevator Startups OÜ and insights from EIA, we deliver knowledge and support that propels companies towards success in competitive environments.

Commitment to Quality

Working with 13 companies—8 startups and 5 operational businesses—we focus intensely on each to ensure the highest quality of support. The success of the companies we invest time and money into directly influences our success as investors. This personal and deep involvement guarantees that each company receives a custom plan and objectives aligned with their needs to boost their growth.


Our efforts are bolstered by substantial financial support, amounting to €149,958, from EAS and Kredex. This funding is crucial as it enables us to extend our reach and enhance our programs, ultimately contributing to the robust growth of Estonia's creative sector.

Our Vision

We continue to see a significant demand for our knowledge, support, and financial investment in the technology-based creative sector. With the backing of EAS and Kredex, we are better equipped to drive forward the innovation that will shape the future of Estonia’s creative industries.