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An Intensive Mentorship for Creative Startups

For Founders: Accelerate your startup's growth with our expert-led, mentorship-driven initiative. Tailored for high-potential creative startups, we offer comprehensive guidance in product development, innovative methodologies, and a gateway to an extensive network of industry professionals and potential investors.


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Why Choose Our Program?

Designed for maximum value
Benefit from expert guidance focusing on sustainability and innovation.
Tailored for startups
Our program leverages extensive experience to ensure optimal value per hour.
Innovative approach
We blend design thinking, product thinking, and lean and agile methodologies for a unique startup development experience.

What you get

Comprehensive support
Benefit from expert guidance focusing on sustainability and innovation.
Tailored success paths
Personalized approach and expert mentorship.
Key learnings
Advanced product development skills, effective client and market validation techniques, customized product strategy development, and more.

Mentorship and support

Our program's key mentors guide participants through innovation and lean experimentation, helping them create a marathon plan and run it. They support role distribution, hypothesis validation, and provide resources and advice for achieving the first customer sale. Additionally, they choose supporting mentors with sector-specific expertise and offer a concluding summary with recommendations for independent continuation.

Andres Laaspere
Helen Kokk
Indrek Ott
Hendrek Kraavi

Only 8 High-Potential Creative Startups Across Estonia will be Chosen