We invested into Salv

Oct 13, 2023

Elevator Startup joined an investment syndicate round to Salv.

Salv helps to fight a financial crime. With the help of Salv solutions one can stop criminal money 200x faster by joining the only real-time cross-border information-sharing platform – any financial institution can participate in Salv’s network.

Salv helps to screen customers and transactions, automate away a lot of your tedious manual work. Screen against sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists. Salv makes possible to monitor transactions and customers, both in real-time and post-event. Identify criminal patterns with smart monitoring rules. Fight fincrime. Also does customer risc scoring, helps to understand who your customers are before you trust them.

Taavi Tamkivi, founder and CEO of Salv has been leading Fraud, Revenue Assurance, and Consumer Analytics teams for decades. He built the AML, Fraud and KYC teams at Wise and Skype. But all his achievements felt like tiny drops in the ocean of detecting financial crime. This is why Taavi decided to attack the source of the problem and founded Salv.